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Friday, April 27, 2012

Tired of Right Wing Manufactured Bullshit

This Picture Was Posted On A Friend's Facebook Page
 Along with a short remark stating "This is what is wrong with America."
It also received 10 likes and a few comments reading "OMG, I can't believe he is our President."

The original share has over 20,000 likes.

The original photo:

This angers me in that there are so many people tied into the vast right wing bullshit manufacturing industry.  It is viral, and it is completely void of fact and a lie.  I remember as a kid, my grandmother would receive emails, these emails alluded to Bill Clinton killing over 200 people on his rise to the Presidency, another one showed that in verse 9:11 of the Koran that justified the Iraq war.  Complete and utter bullshit, but completely believed by these right wing nutters.  Yes my grandmother is a right wing nutter.  She sits at home all day collected SS that her husband earned while watching Fox News.  I'm tired of this, it needs to go.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

It Was Murder

I have stayed away from weighing in on the death of Trayvon Martin.  The rally, the protests, the media coverage all were quick to judge.  The right wing media was quick to defend the trigger happy George Zimmerman and denounce the hooded teenager Martin.  But it is clear from reports that Martin had no cuts on his hands indicating a fight.  That George Zimmerman was following Martin around in the neighborhood during a rainy night.  That a 911 operator told him not to pursue Treyvon, though Zimmerman got out of his car to approach the teenager any way.  The long history of violence Zimmerman has from assaulting a police officer to being fired from his security job for excessive force.  The video tape of him arriving in the police station visibly unscathed.  And now the evidence that for 40 seconds a man was screaming before a gun shot was fired.  That man a teenage boy, not George Zimmerman.  George Zimmerman committed murder, not acting in self defense.

Zimmerman lied, he said it was him screaming for help.  However specialists hired by a respected newspaper the Orlando Sentinel say without a doubt it was a teenage boy's voice and not Zimmerman's whose voice was compared using his former 911 calls.

This man committed cold blood murder.  Screaming for 40 seconds is not a threat to your life, that is plenty of time to refrain from shooting someone.  You do not scream for 40 seconds while you are beating someone's head into cement.  George Zimmerman has proven to be a liar, his record is one littered with violence from arrests to employers to people close to Zimmerman.  This case is open and shut.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Really Hate How the Pendulum Moves in this Country

So now current and ex republican congressmen have come out and said that the GOP's "war on women" is really hurting their chances this November.  All I have to say to this, was what the fuck took so long.  The people should have come to the conclusion that the GOP not only has a "war on women" but a War on Sanity, a War on Intelligence, a War on the average man.

Now I am reminded of the Herman Cain campaign trajectory.  A man with no experience in public policy vying for the number 1 position for public policy in the country.  Not only was he vying for the Presidency, but he was leading the polls.   It took a sexual harassment allegation for 20% of the republican party to realize this guy was not fit for President.  I am sorry, but I am not pleased, though shameful as it was, that it took that embarrassment for 20% of the Republican Party to realize he should not be your first choice as President of the United States.

Now although I am glad the left is capitalizing on the GOP's lack of understanding the female sex, it should have never gotten this far.  These assholes on the right should have been called out for their ignorance on a vast array of issues, their ineptitude in applying them and their down right disdain for any factual, evidence based argument.

It should not have come down to a "War on Women," it should never have gotten this far.  The American people should pay attention more, and realize how fucked up this republican party has been from the beginning of the debate since Obama has been in office.

To Break Up the Seriousness of Politics

I am a music major after all.  This is a band I have recently fallen for.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wonderful Night Drinking

Last night around this time, I was getting drunk.  During this time I met many wonderful people and enjoyed a great social night out.  Of course being me, and given my interests, especially during an election year, topics of conversation frequently turned to politics. 

The highlight of the night was in meeting two brothers from Chicago.  Of course upon hearing they lived in the windy city, my mind immediately went toward Obama.  "What's great in Chicago?" I asked.  "Lakeshore Drive," said the older brother, "that's where Oprah has a house."  "Oprah, did you ever see Obama's house," I eagerly requested an answer.  That's where the political conversation took off.  We headed outside to smoke a cigarette where the built up frustrations of the current political climate, especially the one in which we are constantly involved with here in Mississippi we vented. 

The older brother has lived here for quite some time, while the younger is a recent transplant.  We voiced our opposition to the current republican party and their constant disdain for our President.  The crazy attacks they come up with, which I wrote of in Why Obama Has To Win.  It was the first time I have been here that I felt on the level with anyone here on politics.  He preached of continuing education, and how the republicans are constantly trying to defund our school system.  I talked of past Presidents and how all the republicans have sucked for the last 30 years outside of H W Bush (IMHO). 

The younger brother was an interesting cat.  Reminded me of my best friend from Texas Zach Brown, who now resides in Los Angeles, working and making short films for various internet groups.  He is a writer, having worked on historical novels.  Just moving here, I don't know if he has fully grasped, through experience, the conservative nature of the state he is now living in.  But he was happy when I mentioned I wrote a Progressive blog, "Anything with the word Progressive, (is what I am about)" he said.  He wants to write political essays as well.  Hopefully I can convince him to write here, for his narratives in his speech were thought provoking and could add needed substance to this site. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Etch-A-Sketch and a Pair of Flip Flops

It's not too often a candidate's adviser goes on national television and basically concedes the biggest criticism of his candidate.  But that is what happened today on CNN Politics, when Eric Fehrnstrom admitted that "like an etch-a-sketch" their campaign can shake up their positions and make new ones come the general election.

Now this is a very common approach in elections.  Move toward the base in the primaries, then toward the center in the general, but man does this make Romney look bad.

Bret Baier